Client Spotlight: Meet Mary Frazier

Mary is a resident of True Light’s transitional program called Freedom House. This True Light program provides a place where homeless, single adult women prepare for a life of independence and self-sufficiency. Mary has a remarkable story and we’re very happy to share it with you.

Mary Frazier has known her share of hills and valleys since moving to Missouri from Arizona at age 12. Exposed as a child to alcohol and drugs, Mary was put on a fast track to some deep valleys that included addiction, bad choices and eventually prison.

“I squandered a lot of my life away,” says Mary, “but made up my mind not to do that anymore. I hit a point when it was time to put on my big girls’ boots and take the right next step.”

That decision came for Mary last year as she was nearing parole from a Missouri prison. “I said ‘it’s just you and me God’, and I began to walk in victory in prison,” Mary recalls. Her journey out of prison led her to Kansas City and eventually to become a resident at Freedom House, a part of True Light Ministries in midtown, in February of 2018.

“People recommended Freedom House to me and finding it has changed my life. I am now in a treatment program, in a money management class and working full time as a Certified Nursing Aid,” Mary said, adding that she has made great progress “working through things and working on things.”

To other women who may find themselves in one of life’s valleys, Mary encourages them to pause, do some real soul searching, be totally honest with themselves and find help and support at a place like True Light. “God has a time for everything,” Mary says.

Down the road, Mary looks forward to furthering her education, having her own place to live and seeing her Aunt Sue in St. Louis, MO, who never gave up on her.

Update: Since this Spring interview with Mary, she has secured a job, and within three months of living in Freedom House she moved into her own apartment, paying her own deposit and first month’s rent. This is the kind of story we love sharing! Thank you to all those involved in supporting our mission, from our donors to our volunteers, we couldn’t do it without you.

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